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Yorkshire Terrier : 10 Most Common Questions

The Yorkshire Terrier is a small breed of dog that is generally active and can be fun to be around. The Yorkie can be a wonderful family pet that is good with older children. This breed is fine for apartment living and will need only occasional exercise.

Its long silky coat makes it a favorite for show. To help you understand this particular breed, we have gathered ten common questions that may arise when you consider a Yorkie.

We have provided answers to each.

Yorkshire Terrier Questions


1. What is the history of the Yorkshire Terrier?

The Yorkie has a relatively short history of about 100 years. Its origins are not completely clear, but the breed may have been developed to catch the rats and other vermin that infested homes, mineshafts, and other places in the north of England.

The original Yorkie was larger than today’s toy dog, reduced in size over the years. Yorkshire Terriers have been show dogs since about 1870.


2. What health problems should I be aware of with the Yorkie?

Tooth problems and dental problems seem to be one condition to which the Yorkie is prone. Particular attention should be given to keeping the teeth clean and to avoiding bacterial infection in the mouth.

A Yorkie’s bones can be a bit fragile, so care should be taken not to play too roughly with this dog.


3. How big do Yorkshire Terriers get?

This is a toy breed, standing only about six or seven inches at the withers. Most Yorkies grow only until they weigh about seven pounds.

In fact, the American Kennel Club considers a Yorkshire Terrier over seven pounds to be unsuitable for show.


4. How can I housebreak my Yorkie?

This breed can be difficult to housetrain. Firm and consistent methods are absolutely, necessary. Patience will be required.

You may want to try crate training, but even this process will take time. You should give the new puppy time to develop habits that fit with your lifestyle. Crate training may help with this.


5. How do I take care of the long, silky coat?

This is one of the very important areas in Yorkie ownership. The long coat will need regular attention to avoid matting and tangles. Brushing on a regular basis is necessary.

Trimming of the hair on the head is probably a good idea, if for no other reason than to keep the hair out of the dog’s bowl when it eats. If you want to show your Yorkie, it may be best to begin with a breeder who specializes in show dogs.


6. What color is a Yorkshire Terrier?

This can sometimes be confusing to new owners. A Yorkie puppy is generally black and tan. However, as the dog grows, the dark areas of the coat become a beautiful steel blue, while the tan remains distinctly separated from the darker parts.

Show dogs of this breed should have very distinct colors, especially the steel blue. Silver-blue and black in adult Yorkies are considered faults.


7. Is the Yorkshire Terrier a difficult dog to live with because of its temperament?

Actually, this is another area of some confusion with the breed. The Yorkie can be a bit stubborn and willful at times, though this may depend on the individual dog, as well as the way it was bred and raised.

Yorkies are energetic and quite friendly in most situations. They can be a joy to be around when properly raised and cared for. Most will enjoy play time and walking with the owner.


8. They look tiny and fragile, are they?

The Yorkie is a toy dog and some people are surprised at how small this dog really is. They are courageous and lively, but the dog’s bone structure can be fragile.

Rough play is not recommended for the Yorkie. In general, however, this breed is healthy breed, living as long as 15 years.


9. How should I start to look for a Yorkshire Terrier?

As with all purebred dogs, it is best to read as much as you can about the breed you are interested in. Then locate and visit at least three top breeders.

Be prepared to ask a lot of questions and look closely at the living conditions for the dogs. Ask about guarantees for replacement and ask about genetic health problems with the Yorkie.


10. I live in an apartment. Will the Yorkshire Terrier be okay with this?

Yes, the Yorkie should do well in an apartment. They will not need a lot of exercise, though you may want to take your pet for short walks on a light leash occasionally.

This is an active, energetic breed, so inside play is a good idea.


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