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What to Buy Newborn Twin Girls

The arrival of newborn twin girls is a joyful event for any family. And whether you’re a close friend or loving relative who lives 500 miles away, it’s natural that you want to share in their joy by giving the newborns a special gift.

Remember that baby gifts don’t need to be expensive, and what the family would appreciate most probably depends on the degree of extended family support and personal resources.

In other words, a sterling silver comb and brush set for each twin isn’t terribly helpful if the parents are struggling to buy formula.


Newborn Twin Girls


Even for parents who earn a moderate income, one of the biggest expenses associated with having newborn twins is the cost of everyday supplies like diapers, wipes, disposable changing pads or formula.

Purchase one or more of these supplies in bulk, but find out which brand and type the parents prefer first. Formula is always appreciated if the mother isn’t breastfeeding, but it’s most helpful to get the kind the parents are already using.


Future Gifts

Remember that the twins won’t stay newborns forever, and giving a thoughtful gift geared toward a slightly older baby can be a nice treat in a few months.

A pair of texture books, for example, such as “Pat the Bunny” or “Little Hands Love” lets older infants explore different textures and surfaces by touching, scraping and scratching to their heart’s content.


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Personalized Gifts

If the newborn twins’ parents have more diapers and formula than they know what to do with, consider a special personalized gift. A brush and comb set or baby cup and rattle in sterling silver with each girl’s name engraved on the side will become a precious keepsake for many years to come.

Engraved or painted pottery piggy banks with each twin’s name on the side is a lovely ornament on their baby dresser now and a helpful saving tool for the future.

Even before they can walk, a pair of matching step-stools with their names stenciled in pretty colors can be used when they begin “cruising,” and eventually in the bathroom when they’re old enough to wash their own hands and brush their teeth.


Parent Helper

Caring for newborn twin girls can be exhausting, so consider purchasing a gift certificate from a service that would relieve some of the workload.

This could be anything from a gift certificate from a local cleaning company or maid service to a reputable locally-operating night-nanny service so the parents can get at least one decent night of rest.

Always research any company before buying a certificate to see whether it expires and make sure the company actually operates in the area where the family lives.


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What to Buy Newborn Twin Girls


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