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What to Bring to the Hospital for a Soon-to-Be Father

Since your stay at the hospital will depend on the length of your partner’s labor, type of delivery and the health of mom and baby, you should come prepared with your own supplies. A small backpack or travel bag can be used to pack your soon-to-be-dad goodies.

Being prepared and ready to go before the due date arrives will help you stay focused on the task at hand, instead of scrambling last minute trying to locate your items or forgetting them altogether.


Hospital for a Soon-to-Be Father



You will need to grab a travel toothbrush and small tube of toothpaste to keep your mouth clean and fresh while you coach your partner.

Deodorant, a travel-sized can of shaving cream and a razor should go in your pack. The hospital may supply a bar of soap and shampoo to shower with, but if you want to bring your own, throw in a travel size of each.



Clothing is one of the basics that you will need to pack. Bring at least one or two changes of clothing, including a shirt, pants or shorts, underwear and socks. Plan for temperature fluctuations, as your partner may decide she wants the labor room very warm or cool.

Pajamas need to be packed if you plan to spend the night at the hospital with your partner and baby. A hat comes in handy for your unkempt hair. If your partner is requesting a water birth or plans to labor in a tub, bring a pair of swim trunks, just in case you want to get into the tub with her.



There will be very few events in your life that you will want to document more than the birth of your child. Grab your camera and make sure it is charged or has new batteries. Bring the battery charger or an extra set of batteries, too.

You can bring a video camera to record this experience, as long as your partner has agreed to this. Bring your phone and charger so you have a fully-charged device to announce the birth and contact loved ones. Bring a phone list of people to call, so you don’t forget anyone in all of the excitement.



The wait for your baby can be long, so you should be prepared to fill the hours. However, make sure your entertainment doesn’t distract you from your duties as labor partner.

Bring a book or magazine to look at during the slower first stages of labor. An MP3 player can keep you going. Your portable electronic devices and charge cords can also be brought with you to the hospital to keep you entertained.


Other Supplies

Bring some change and dollar bills to get snacks from the vending machine. Packing your own snacks and drinks works, too, and saves you money. A pen and small notebook comes in handy when you need to jot down notes or little reminders, like “Call Aunt Sue and tell her to bring her knit baby hat.”


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