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What Kind of Behavior Is Blinking?

Blinking is an activity which occurs either voluntarily (you can make it happen) or involuntarily (happens on its own) to clear your eyes of debris and to keep them moisturized. Blinking can take on many meanings and convey different messages to people.


Behavior Is Blinking



Blinking is a form of non-verbal communication and is a type of behavior that people exhibit when they want to convey messages to each other.


What Does Blinking Mean?

Blinking may mean several things. When the rate at which you blink increases, it may mean that you are thinking hard about something, or that you are being flirtatious. For example, someone who is flirting with you may blink (or even wink) to grab your attention.


Other Interpertations

Blinking may also be indicative of lying. For example, the liar will blink more often to indicate he or she needs to keep thinking of more lies. Blinking may mean that you are so surprised that you don’t believe what you are seeing.


Prolonged blinking

Prolonged blinking is defined as a slow kind of blink, as if you are blinking in slow motion. Exhibiting this type of blinking may just mean that you are tired or losing interest in a conversation.


Types of Eye Communication

There are several other forms of communication with the eyes, including winking, staring, maintaining eye contact, squinting, following and completely closing the eyes.


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