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What Is the Procedure for Opening an Estate in Probate Court in Michigan?

Under the law there is a specific procedure for opening an estate in probate court in Michigan. “Opening an estate” refers to the process of starting an estate case in probate court.


 Probate Court in Michigan


Draft Petition

The process of opening an estate in probate court in Michigan begins with drafting a verified petition. This is a document that is signed under oath in front of a notary public.


File Petition

The verified petition is filed with the clerk of the court, together with the original copy of a will if such an instrument exists.



A hearing is scheduled to order the opening or creation of an estate.



Michigan law requires that notice of the hearing must be provided to any potential heir. Additionally, a legal notice must be published in a local newspaper in advance of the hearing.



The procedures for opening an estate in probate court in Michigan are very complex. Engaging qualified legal representation for this task is recommended highly.


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