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What Is the First Symptom of Being Pregnant?

Regardless of whether you were attempting to get pregnant, you will need to know as quickly as time permits so you can deal with your body and start the way toward getting ready for a child or making different courses of action. There are lots of different symptoms of being pregnant, and these symptoms can vary from one woman to another.



The first symptom is almost always the lack of a period. You will have a missed menstrual cycle if you are pregnant and will continue to have a lack of menstruation throughout the pregnancy. Sometimes birth control can alter your cycles and cause you to miss a cycle, so it is not an absolute indicator of pregnancy, only the first thing you might notice.



Morning sickness is a common early symptom. This is a sudden vomiting at any point in the day, not just the morning. It is often accompanied with fatigue and nausea.


First Symptom



Tender or sore breasts can be an early symptom of pregnancy as the hormones are starting to change in order to prepare your body for pregnancy and the later feeding of the baby.



Tender breasts, missed or late periods, weight gain and fatigue can all be a result of a change in or the effects of birth control or extreme stress and do not necessarily mean you are pregnant.



There are lots of types of pregnancy tests that involve urinating on a stick. Some are early indicators that allow you to identify a pregnancy even before your missed period. Others won’t work until much later. Make sure you read the directions to take the test correctly and to accurately interpret the results.



A pregnancy test can be incorrect. A lot of the time a pregnancy test will read negative until the hormone levels increase enough to be detected, thus you may get a false reading when you actually are pregnant.


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