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What is the Fetal Development at 23 Weeks Pregnant?

At 23 weeks pregnant, your baby is over halfway to your due date. Fetal development is at an exciting point as your baby is preparing to survive outside your womb. In fact, there is a small chance your baby could survive if born at 23 weeks, but there are huge risks and complications when giving birth this early. It’s best to keep that bun in the oven as long as possible to ensure a healthy baby is born. Every day that your baby stays inside his mother’s womb increases his survival rate.


23 Weeks Pregnant



At 23 weeks pregnant, you baby’s lungs are preparing to breathe. The baby produces surfactant, which allows the air sacs in the lungs to inflate. It also keeps the baby’s lungs from sticking together or collapsing when they deflate according to the Mayo clinic.



Your baby’s skin is still wrinkly and red by the end of 23 weeks. The baby’s skin will become less translucent and fat is produced increasingly this week also. Your child weighs around one pound and is roughly eight to eleven inches in length.



Your baby will be able to hear better and better and at 23 weeks will be able to hear loud noises. Don’t be surprised if your baby moves around a lot at loud noises such as a blow dryer or a vacuum cleaner. Sing to your child and have family converse with her so she can get familiar with your voices.


Prenatal Care

At 23 weeks you have probably already had at least one ultrasound. You may know if you are having a boy or a girl. Other tests your midwife or doctor might perform at 23 weeks or a few weeks later are a glucose screening test to check the possibility of gestational diabetes. Other tests can include blood tests to rule out developmental or chromosomal disorders such as downs syndrome or spina bifida.



Your uterus has stretched and expanded giving the baby plenty of room to move around. 23 weeks is when your baby might be kicking quite a bit. You might be able to see the movement under your clothes. You may begin seeing your feet and lower legs growing. When this happens lie down on your left side, put your feet up or avoid standing or sitting in one place too long. On the off chance that your expanding is over the top, contact your birthing specialist or specialist right away. At 23 weeks, you should be feeling pretty good as the morning sickness from the first trimester is over and the heaviness of the last trimester has yet to begin. Enjoy this time.


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