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What Is the Best Travel Insurance for Young Travelers?

Some travel agencies provide travel insurance specially designed for students who are less experienced at handling emergency situations. One, called Travel Guard, is a top seller according to the Insurance Review website.

Most travel insurance policies cover lost or stolen baggage, trip cancellation, medical emergencies and repatriation of remains. But student travel policies should include items to make it easier for students to get help.


What Is the Best Travel Insurance for Young Travelers


24-Hour Emergency Help

One of the top requirements for student travel insurance according to Insurance Review is that the insurance has 24-hour emergency help. In case students need to talk to an agent about a health problem that arises or changes in plans with regard to travel or hotel stay, they don’t need to wait until the following day to get assistance.

Many insurance policies offer this, but not all. Travel Guard is one. International Medical Group offers 24-hour emergency medical assistance.


Translation Services

Some insurance policies, such as Travel Guard, cover interpretation or translation services which could be necessary when a student is traveling abroad. The ability to communicate a problem in an emergency is critical.


Sports Injuries

Many insurance agencies don’t cover medical problems that arise from doing athletic or extreme sports activities including mountaineering, cliff diving or water skiing. Some have extra riders specifically for these activities.

If there is any chance your student will be engaging in these activities you should make sure it’s covered. International Medical Group, for example, covers skiing and scuba diving only.


Other Services

Travel Guard includes legal referrals and bail bond assistance and lost passport or documents assistance as well as emergency message relay and cash transfers. Other policies, such as International Student Insurance, cover natural disasters and terrorism.


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