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What Are the Benefits of Having an HR Representative?

A key part of any business is a well-trained human resources division. The presence of human resources staff makes it easier to hire, fire and train employees as there are specialized employees dedicated to precisely this.

By streamlining in this manner, businesses can save money and keep employee morale high.


HR Representative



HR reps are able to focus their abilities toward getting the best possible staff. Not only does this save time, it also takes advantage of their skills. For example, if a CEO has a background in accounting, he will probably not know much about hiring, say, an IT director.

An HR rep, by contrast, will have specialized training and experience in hiring people. Some even specialize in particular fields.



Firing people can be legally dangerous business. If all the necessary procedures are not followed, a company is wide open to lawsuits.

If a CEO with an accounting background wants to fire her IT director, she could very easily forget a key piece of paperwork and cost her company millions in lawsuit defending or settlement payouts.

An HR rep will be extremely well-versed both on company policy and employment law. This means that he can fire someone in a legal, emphatic way because of his experience and training in such matters.



HR representatives also train employees. These specialists investigate what their employees need to know, then enact the program to teach them–all while staying within a budget.

While crucial to businesses, this is also a full-time job, and a specialist can do it more efficiently than if a CEO tried to do it herself.


Public Relations

The human resources department also plays a key role in the perception of an organization, both internally and externally.

Human resources representatives organize things like company picnics, industry-wide seminars and other forms of interbusiness interaction.

By putting on events like this, human resources staff both keep their employees satisfied and build a company’s positive image in a community. This is beneficial on two different levels.


Compensation and Benefits

Human resources representatives determine (with upper management consultation) how much employees will be paid and what their benefits will be. Hiring employees for more than they are worth is essentially a loss–it is money that could have gone elsewhere.

Hiring for less, however, will discourage the people with the right amount of talent, and will also result in a loss as an incompetent staff makes more mistakes and shows less initiative than a competent one.


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