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What Are the Benefits of Golden Labradorite?

Golden Labradorite, also known as Labrador or Bytownite, is a gemstone found in Oregon and Mexico, rumored to have several benefits, including spiritual powers. It is transparent or a faint yellow color (though it may appear red, iridescent violet, blue, green, yellow or orange in appearance and it is associated with willfulness, clarity, confidence, power, vitality, creativity and purposefulness.

It is associated with the fire element and said to affect the solar plexus, or the third chakra.


Golden Labradorite


Emotional Benefits

The golden Labradorite calms emotions powerfully, promoting courage and endurance along with a sense of purposefulness, which would drive away depression, anxiety and any other negative emotions. It eliminates fear and insecurities.

It promotes awe, reverence and gratitude in the possessor as well as making passivity and weakness turn to assertiveness. It also relieves stress.


Mental Benefits

The Labradorite creates clarity of mind and slows and soothes an overactive mind. It also helps possessors to see the great picture in their lives and their perception of their lives. You will be able to expand your consciousness, and gain insights about your life’s destiny.

With this stone, you easily come up with new ideas along with a strong stimulation of the mental processes.


Spiritual Benefits

Golden Labradorite helps you discern their own greater powers’ influence on your life and how it fits into your religious beliefs. When used in dream work, it helps you to be consciously awakened to higher planes where they can retrieve and study important spiritual information.

One can also harness the power and benefits of the sun, which is the center of the spiritual universe and make a strong connection with your own deity and have a meditation experience that they will never forget.


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