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What Are Some Physically Demanding Jobs?

Certain jobs require a great deal of physical stamina and could involve such activities as heavy lifting, lots of physical movement or long hours.

Some jobs require a lot of standing, while others require the ability to physically lift, confront or handle difficult patients or situations, such as nursing or firefighting. Such jobs are not for everyone, but they are suitable for people with greater-than-usual physical strength and stamina.



Physically Demanding Jobs miners

Miners must be strong to withstand the rigors of their job. Working conditions in underground mines are often dangerous, requiring standing, lifting, climbing and stooping in cramped quarters with tools that also can be dangerous. The working conditions on surface mines or quarries are not much better, as miners must do their jobs in all kinds of weather — although, when the weather becomes too severe, such as with icy snow, such mines and quarries may shut down for safety purposes.

Miners often work long hours, usually in shifts, especially at mining sites that operate around-the-clock. The remote locations of some of mining sites requires that workers live onsite for long stretches.


Construction Workers

Construction Workers

Construction workers perform many physically demanding activities, including lifting and carrying heavy objects, working with dangerous tools, and exposure to adverse weather conditions either outside or in partly enclosed structures.

Construction workers also do a lot of bending, standing, stooping and working in cramped places. Construction workers often work on scaffolding at great heights. The U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics says construction work has a higher-than-average rate of injury and illness.


Cargo and Freight Agents

Cargo and Freight Agents

Cargo and freight agents help transportation companies handle incoming and outgoing shipments in a trucking terminal or from an aircraft or train. They also work on shipping docks, picking up cargo or freight and delivering it to loading platforms. Cargo and freight agents work in environments such as cold storage rooms and outside loading platforms.

It is not uncommon for cargo and freight agents to work long into the evenings and on weekends when there is a large shipment. Even though some of the more strenuous lifting is done by mechanical equipment, not every employer is able to provide such equipment; in this case, the lifting must be done manually.




Firefighters are usually the first emergency personnel to respond to the scene of an emergency, such as a fire or explosion, a medical emergency or a traffic accident. Firefighting is dangerous work that involves a lot of training on how to enter burning buildings, rescue people and put out fires.

Firefighters must carry heavy gear while climbing ladders or stairs, and often must carry the people they rescue. Sometimes, firefighters must remain at the scene of the disaster for days to look for survivors and assist medical personnel.



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