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What Are Dance Aerobics Classes?

People are always looking for creative and fun ways to get the exercise they need. Many different types of aerobics classes are available, including dance aerobics, which has many benefits.


Dance Aerobics Classes


Purpose of Dance Aerobics

Dance aerobics classes are exercise classes aimed at improving cardiovascular health by making the heart and lungs work at increased levels. The quick and repetitive dance movements make the heart and lungs both work harder than at a resting state, thereby improving body health.


Movements Used

The variety of movements that are incorporated into dance aerobics classes may include any combination of grapevine, mambo, box step and hamstring curl movements. Through a variety of repetitive, rhythmic movements, dance aerobics classes help to improve an individual’s balance and coordination.



Typical dance aerobics classes begin with a routine warm up, followed by cardio dance moves which incorporate upper body strength exercises as well as various floor exercises. For the purpose of a cool down, they typically end with a relaxing stretch.


Available for All Individuals

Since dance aerobics is a light-impact workout, classes are usually able to accommodate all ages and fitness levels. Participants advance at their own pace, thus eliminating competition.


Where to Find Dance Aerobics

Many gyms offer organized classes taught by fitness experts. It is also possible to begin this type of exercise program in the privacy of your home due to the various exercise movies that have been created by fitness professionals.


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