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What Are Basic Aerobic Steps?

If you are looking for a fun way to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your workout routine, you can try taking an aerobics class. If you can’t find a class that works for you, try putting on some music and creating your own routine.

You can start with some of the basic aerobic steps and then combine them to make up a routine. Using the basic steps, you can travel forward, backward and sideways. Try turning the routine in various directions to add variety. Start by doing eight of each movement, and then break it down into doing four of each, then two of each and then one.


Basic Aerobic Steps


Heel Taps

Stand up straight. Reach your right foot forward and flex the foot so that just your right heel touches the floor. Swing your left arm forward and up to shoulder height. Swinging the opposite arm to foot is better for balance. Step back and then alternate side to side.


Knee Lifts

Keeping your back straight, lift your right knee up to waist height. Swing the left arm up to shoulder height. Alternate side to side. This is a large movement that really raises the heart rate.


Side Step/Grapevine

Maintain good posture and step sideways to the right two times. Swing each arm out to the side so they both come shoulder height. Then step to the left. To do a grapevine, just cross the left foot behind the right as you travel right and reverse it to go left.



Step forward with your right foot. Kick your left leg up at least waist height and swing the right arm forward. Bring the left foot back to the floor and reach it behind you. Then step the right foot back behind you and tap the toes. Do several repetitions; then switch so you kick the right leg forward.


Basic Dance Step

Starting with the right foot, walk forward for three steps. Tap the left toe on the floor. Then walk back three steps and tap the right toe. You can change the toe tap to a knee lift, kick or other movement. You can also travel this movement sideways.


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