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Ways to Show My Pregnant Wife I Love Her

Pregnancy can be a rough experience for a couple. The woman has so many new hormones that she can be irritable or cry at the drop of the hat. Plus, she’s often physically uncomfortable. The man, on the other hand, can feel left out and concerned about his changing place in the relationship.

During this time, it’s important to keep the romance alive in your relationship and show–not just tell–your pregnant wife that you love her by making her feel special.



Carrying an extra 30 pounds (or more) is hard work. Her body is not used to the extra weight. A good massage can help to ease tension and make her feel better.

She should lay on her side or be sitting up when you give the massage to avoid hurting the baby. Don’t forget her feet–they could use a good massage too.


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Your wife may be more tired that usual, especially if she is still working a full-time job. Pick up some of the housekeeping tasks that she usually does and she’ll appreciate the chance to rest.

If she has morning sickness, pay special attention to keeping the toilet clean.


Ways to Show My Pregnant Wife I Love Her



Your wife may not be feeling like cooking dinner as much as she used to. Stop by her favorite restaurant on your way home from work and bring dinner to her. Alternatively, you can do the cooking yourself.

Additionally, your wife may have special food cravings or aversions. If the smell of a hamburger makes her feel sick, don’t eat them when you’re around her. If she wants ice cream at 11 p.m., make that late-night trip to the store for her.



Support your wife throughout the pregnancy. While you don’t have to be there for all of the doctor’s appointments–many are pretty routine–you should show up for the major ones, such as the first one or the ones where they’ll listen to the heartbeat for the first time or do ultrasounds.

Attend birthing classes with her and commit to acting as her partner throughout the pregnancy. Learn all the ways that you’ll be able to help her when she’s giving birth and understand that sometimes, you have to just step back.


Alone Time

Even though the baby isn’t born yet, you may already feel like you’re focusing a lot of energy on the baby. Take time for yourselves as a couple too. One way to do this is to have five minutes of “snuggle time” when you both get home from work.

Another option is to go out on as many dates as you can–you won’t be able to go out on your own as much in a few months. Some couples even go on a “baby moon” vacation, usually during the second trimester when the expecting mother is feeling pretty good.


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