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Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself During the Day

Some days, there is a lot of truth the mantra “the daily grind.” It might be Thursday, but you feel like you’ve got a case of the “Mondays.” Take heed in the fact that there are ways to help you stay focused and energized throughout your day.

Snack smart, perform a few simple exercises and try and stay positive and you can keep rejuvenated during your day.


Rejuvenate Yourself


Eat Healthy Snacks

If you watch enough commercials, you might get the idea that eating a candy bar will help keep you energized and will help you through your day. Be careful: you may actually find yourself crashing harder than you were before the snack unless you choose a healthier snack option.

According to msnbc.com, snacks such as candy and other foods with high carbohydrates can provide you a small boost of energy, but the body uses that energy too fast. Thus, you will not fully rejuvenate yourself with a candy bar. Instead, choose a snack that will provide you with energy that you can sustain over a longer period of time.

Fruits, for example, have sugars that the body does not quickly use up. Foods with protein, such as nuts and beans, also provide you with energy that the body can use over time. When you start feeling a little low in energy, rejuvenate yourself with a smart, healthy snack.


Take Little Breaks

One of the reasons you may be feeling a little empty in the energy tank is that you’ve been at one task or in one place for too long and you’re starting to get bored. Add a little variety to your day by taking little breaks.

You could, for example, take a brisk 10 or 15 minute walk outside (weather permitting). Call a friend or a family member that you enjoy talking to and chat with them for a bit. Basically, you are just trying to get your mind off of the mundane. Read a newspaper and work the crossword puzzle (if that calms you down). Turn on some relaxing music and just listen.


Exercises to Energize Yourself

Lastly, you can perform simple stretches and exercises that will keep your body feeling stress-free. You can perform deep breathing exercises for a few minutes simply by sitting in a relaxed position and breathing deeply in through your nose and gently exhaling out your mouth.

Stretch your neck and your shoulder muscles by rolling your head back and forth and side to side (for your neck) and reaching your arms behind yourself and pulling your shoulder blades together (for your back). Basically, the goal is to loosen your muscles, relieve tension and break your routine for a bit.


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