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Warehouse Safety Issues

In order to address warehouse safety issues, you must first know what the major safety issues are. Following a comprehensive warehouse safety plan can save lives and increase company production.



Each warehouse should have some sort of fire sprinkler system to protect people and company property. According to Inventoryops.com, there should be an 18-inch space between overhead sprinklers and the highest stacked item on the highest shelf.


Use Workflow Designations

Use wide tape or bright paint to mark work areas and warn of possible oncoming warehouse traffic. If there is a particular route used by forklifts, then mark it with arrows and words on the floor so people know to watch for oncoming forklift traffic.


Warehouse Safety


Fall Hazards

Reduce or eliminate the possibility of dangerous falls by blocking off open areas of the warehouse with fall restraints. All second floor and higher walkways should have railings or cages to protect people from falling.


Work Fatigue

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says workers designated to do physical labor should get periodic rests to make sure they are alert and able to safely perform their duties.


Escape Routes

A warehouse can be a big and confusing place. Conduct regular safety trainings that identify escape routes in case of an emergency. Outline procedures to be followed after an emergency escape to account for everyone’s safety.


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