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Walking in Faith to Restore Your Marriage

Jesus condemned divorce in Matthew 19:1-8 and Malachi 2:16 proclaims that God “hates divorce.” Marriage is hard work and couples can drift apart over time or be torn apart by difficulties that challenge the commitment made in the marriage vows.

Walking in faith to heal a marriage presents many challenges, but success is possible when you both apply biblical principles.

Walking in Faith to Restore Your Marriage


You and God

Much as you might wish differently, you can’t change your spouse’s heart or mind — you can only change yours, affirm the marriage counselors at Cornerstone Marriage and Family Ministries. Ask God what you need to do to make yourself a healthier and happier individual with a strong connection and reliance on God.

Change the things you can change about yourself and remember that Proverbs 3:5-7 counsels that you must trust God’s wisdom instead of your own, refusing to do wrong, to achieve success. Accept that if your spouse refuses to work at restoration, you will still emerge in better shape than you are now.


The Power of Prayer

Prayer is powerful and can change things by inviting God to intervene. Pray often for your mate, marriage counselors at Cornerstone Marriage and Family Ministries advise. Pray that God will prosper him, encourage him, turn his heart toward you, mend the conflict between you and give you both peace.

Pray for wisdom in knowing what to say to your mate and how to approach him with love and acceptance. Ask God to help remove the marriage busters of anger, judgment, annoying behaviors, selfishness and dishonesty, writes Dr. Willard F. Harley Jr. in his book “Love Busters: Overcoming the Habits that Destroy Romantic Love.”


Stand in Faith to Reconcile

You can refuse to give up when things are hard. Let your actions show that you still love your mate and are willing to fight to restore your marriage. Refuse to file for divorce, date others or throw away your marriage vows.

Keep your words positive when discussing your situation, affirming that God will restore your marriage in his timing. Treat your spouse with love and respect, wooing her as you did when you were first dating. Affirm the things that brought you together and meet your spouse’s deepest emotional needs, Harley suggests.


Get Help

Psalm 46 affirms that God is your refuge and strength, supplying help when you need it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek help from other sources, too. Go to your pastor or to a Christian marriage counselor to get professional help.

Couples often allow issues to fester for years before seeking help, according to Dr. L. Compian, a counseling psychologist for Education.com. Allow your marriage time to heal and use strategies proven to help married couples get back on track. Ask friends and family to pray that your marriage will heal.


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