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Venice Florida Activities

When you decide to get out of the cold and go to Florida think about these facts. Venice, Florida has a lot to offer and the warm temperatures are only one consideration.


1. Shark Tooth Hunting

Venice beach is the shark tooth hunting capital of the world. Shark teeth can be found at the water’s edge, just as the Gulf Of Mexico leaves the shore or on the many ledges of that body of water.

A person can pick them up with just their fingers if they know what they are looking for. A shovel, scoop and other homemade devices can be used to collect shark teeth. Then the shark teeth can be made into jewelry or other keepsakes for oneself or given as gifts. Shark teeth can be golden, brown, black or gray in color.

Shark Tooth Hunting


2. Pristine Beaches

Many beaches are all around Florida. One of the best in the world is Siesta Key Beach. The sand is as soft as powdered sugar.

The lovely color is so eye catching you can’t imagine it being sand at all. Never leave your Florida vacation without going to one or more of the lovely beaches. Some parts are even designated as a dog’s beach. There in Venice is a dog park just for the four footed friends we love so dearly. Siesta Key beach is one of the best in the world. Even though it is a little off the Venice line, it is world renowned.

Pristine Beaches


3. Pickle Ball

Summer time is just the time to play pickle ball. This is played with paddles and a waffle ball. Most often times Pickle ball is played with 4 people.

This is a team of two against two. It can be played with two and then is more difficult. The ball is volleyed back and forth with some pretty strict rules to follow. It is summer all year round in Florida and the ideal place to play pickle ball anytime. It can be played on a tennis court if there are no tennis players wanting to play tennis on the court.

Pickle Ball


4. Tennis

Tennis is a sport anyone at any age can play. A young person can begin playing at an early age of single digits and continue into the senior years if they do not injure themselves.

Since tennis is generally played on an outside court, Florida is the ideal tennis game for the good climate that Florida has. Most athletic clubs have tennis courts in Florida since it is so popular a sport. A person can take lessons and attend clinics to learn all the moves and the scoring of tennis. Women and men play tennis equally as well, however men have the strength to speed up a tennis ball.



5. Biking Paths

Florida encourages biking since the weather really is great for that outdoor activity. Bike paths all across the state go to great extents to make biking fun , enjoyable and an education too. Parks and trails are kept well by counties in Florida.

Safety first is taught early in the biking experience for the young so both motorists and pedestrians know all about biking and the bikers know their place on the road ways and sidewalks too. Florida does not require biking helmets, but most seasoned bikers know that is the smart thing to wear when biking anywhere in the state.

Biking Paths


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