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Unique Anniversary Gifts for Mom & Dad

With so many marriages ending in divorce, every successful marriage should be celebrated on its anniversary, particularly when the bride and groom also go by “Mom” and “Dad.”

Finding an appropriate and unique gift to commemorate your parents’ anniversary can prove challenging each year. However, with a little out-of-the-box thinking, you can find a unique anniversary gift for Mom and Dad that will both honor their union and show them how much they mean to you.


Unique Anniversary Gifts for Mom & Dad


Family Photo

A family photograph can provide a perfect gifting opportunity for your parents. Gather up your siblings, spouses and any grandchildren and schedule a professional photo shoot. Get creative with outfits and location to add a fun and personalized flair to the event. Have the best shot blown up and framed for Mom and Dad to hang in their home to enjoy for years to come.


Second Honeymoon

Give Mom and Dad a surprise getaway trip just for two. If budget is an issue, consider a one-night stay at a nice hotel in their hometown area. Be sure to check out online travel sites to research deals, travel packages and rate reductions.

Whether a simple weekend away or an elaborate intercontinental excursion, your parents will love having a romantic trip away and will appreciate that the gesture came from their children.


Family Tree

An authentic family tree makes an excellent anniversary present. Either hire a professional genealogist to do the legwork for you or check out some of the credible online sites to do some digging yourself. Every parent will cherish an authentic family tree to honor where they came from and the special branch that they created together.


Surprise Party

Coordinating a surprise party to include all their friends, family and loved ones is a fun way to honor Mom and Dad on their special day. Pick a venue that has sentimental significance to them and ask guests to bring with them a handwritten story about the guests of honor to share.

Collect everyone’s notes in a special keepsake box for Mom and Dad to treasure long after the party has ended. Whether a significant milestone or simply yet another successful year of marital bliss, Mom and Dad will love having an event simply dedicated to commemorating their marriage.


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