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Types of Employee Contests

Managers can use employee contests as a friendly way to encourage interaction among employees and build morale. Employees who regularly engage in fun challenges have higher productivity and higher retention rates.

Good managers know that healthy competition among employees drives business and improves customer service.

Employee Contests


Team Award for Highest Quarterly Sales

Motivate employees and help bond team members by holding a group competition between units or divisions. Structure the contest so the team with the highest quarterly sales receives some recognition. Offer cash prizes, parking incentives or other public display of acknowledgement.


Reward the Best Cost Saving Idea

In difficult economic times, all organizations need to save money. Create an employee competition to submit the best cost-cutting idea. Select one idea per quarter or per year and feature it in a newsletter or annual report, along with a photo of the winning employee.


Contests to Promote Employee Health

Hold a contest to reward employees who bike the most miles each month, have a recipe contest or hold a stair climbing competition. Healthy employees are more productive and fun physical competitions keep team members motivated.

Carry out wellness contests in spring and fall, when outside temperatures are pleasant and employees are motivated to be physically active.


Executive Dare Challenge

Set a goal for staff teams, such as number of new clients or number of payments processed. The manager or supervisor of the first team to reach the goal is required to perform a dare, such as wear a ridiculous costume for a day or do an employee’s work for a day.


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