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Travel Insurance for Kids

Travel insurance for kids means different things for different categories of kids. There are family travel insurance plans for parents traveling with kids, and travel insurance plans for students or children traveling alone.

Insurance should cover not only basics like trip cancellation or delay, lost luggage, medical emergencies and repatriation of remains. It should also cover special cases such as lost children, extreme sports injuries or other events that may arise in your trip.

Travel Insurance for Kids


Family Travel Insurance

You might able to save money by buying a family travel insurance plan rather than insuring all members individually. For family travelers, Insurance Review recommends Travel Safe, which covers up to seven family members.

This is basic coverage for trip cancellation or delay; lost or stolen baggage; emergency medical evacuation and treatment. A list of some other family plans can be found on BootsnAll travel guide website.


Student Travelers

Students traveling alone can buy special policies designed for them. The website Travel Insurance Review recommends that students have coverage that adults may not need, especially for students traveling abroad.

This includes features such as 24-hour assistance; help with documentation; interpreters; legal and bail bond help; emergency message relay; cash transfers and help with lost documentation. These policies usually require extra riders for extreme sports such as mountaineering, cliff diving or skiing.

Some policies have emergency reunion clauses that cover the expenses of a parent or other person joining the traveler in case of a medical or other emergency.


Children Traveling Alone

Travel Insurance Review suggests that any policy for a child traveling alone include a 24-hour helpline. It also suggests a policy that helps with lost documents, since children are more at risk to lose documents.

A policy that also covers emergency reunions that pays for a parent to join a child during an emergency, is important. Some policies only cover reunion for a medical emergency. Check what the policy offers.



Infants should be covered under the family policy. Make sure there are no age restrictions that would exclude the baby. If an infant gets sick, it can call a halt to a trip just as quickly as if an adult does.


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