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Travel Insurance for Families

Traveling anywhere with your family can be an ordeal and thousands of dollars could be on the line. Family vacations are meant to create lasting memories, but when something goes wrong, the only lasting memory could be the credit card bill that you have to pay for a trip cut short.

Family travel insurance is designed to mitigate against the risks of this type of travel. This type of travel insurance involves paying more in premiums as a package deal to make sure that every member of your family is covered. A family plan can provide medical coverage and cancellation protection for every member of your family.

Travel Insurance for Families


Why Buy Family Travel Insurance?

Many people who shell out thousands of dollars to go on a family vacation are simply trying to find the money to pay for the vacation itself. Because of this, many of these vacation purchasers do not feel like the extra cost of travel insurance is worth it.

However, buying travel insurance can more than pay for itself if something goes wrong. The average cost of travel insurance is about 4 to 8 percent of the trip and it can cover you in many potentially negative situations.


Covering Minor Problems

When you and your family take a trip, ample opportunity for minor problems can emerge. Your luggage could be lost after a flight. A flight could be cancelled, leaving you in a hotel in a strange city for the night.

Your entire trip might get cancelled, leaving you with the fees and charges that come with it. Although these might only be minor inconveniences, they can add up quickly. Family travel insurance will reimburse you for these costs.


Covering Major Costs

While family travel insurance protects you and your family against minor issues, it can also pay for major bills. For example, many people are injured in some capacity while traveling. If you are in a foreign country, your regular medical insurance probably will not cover the bills.

If you are seriously injured and have to be evacuated, the bill could be over $100,000. When this happens, the family travel insurance can pick up the tab and save you from being devastated financially.


Buying Family Travel Insurance

If you decide to buy family travel coverage, you can talk to your local insurance agent about options. Your local agent may offer it or refer you to a company that does. You can also easily buy a travel insurance policy online.

You may check with your credit card company also as many credit cards offer travel insurance as a benefit to cardholders. When buying a policy, you can choose between single trip coverage or annual coverage. If you travel frequently with your family, it might make sense to opt for the annual plan.


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