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Top Ten Signs You Are Pregnant

In case you’re pondering whether you may be pregnant, you may find a solution by taking a gander at signals from your body, which discharges hormones when you imagine. This results in many little clues informing you of your new status as a mother. If you notice at least three of these top signs of pregnancy, you’ll probably want to go invest in a home pregnancy test.


Signs You Are Pregnant


Missed Period or Sore Breasts

The classic sign of pregnancy, a missed period may indicate that your egg was fertilized and a baby is forming inside you. Changes in the hormones in your body cause increased soreness in your breasts and makes them feel fuller.


Raised Basal Body Temperature

According to the Mayo Clinic, your basal body temperature rises slightly when you ovulate, which continues for over two weeks if you’re pregnant.


Nausea or Fatigue

Due to a heightened sense of smell and increased estrogen production, your nausea level increases drastically when you become pregnant. Higher levels of progesterone will cause your level of fatigue to soar if you’re pregnant.


Food Cravings or Constipation

If you find yourself suddenly craving certain foods, then you may be experiencing another sign of pregnancy that also arises from increased hormones in your body. Progesterone likewise causes more slow absorption right off the bat in pregnancy, which frequently causes stoppage.


Headaches or Mood Swings

For many women, headaches accompany early pregnancy as a result of increased blood circulation. The blend of hormones whirling through your body cause unexpected changes in your states of mind, as often as possible bringing about upheavals and a propensity to cry.


Mild Bleeding or Spotting

The Mayo Clinic states that mild spotting or bleeding 10 to 14 days after conception is a sign of pregnancy that occurs when the fertilized egg implants into the lining of your uterus.


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