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Top 5 Take a Shot of Marrakech Culture

If you’re looking for a culture-infused luxury holiday to Africa, Marrakech has all the sights and sounds you will ever need. You can spend time enjoying the city, sampling the Moroccan cuisine and taking yourself through the city’s most interesting and authentic areas on a luxury adventure in this bustling, historical hub.

Here is a list of our top sights to see and things to do while you’re there.


1 1. Shop the Medina

1. Shop the Medina

The Medina should be one of your first stops on a Marrakech adventure. Explore the labyrinthine streets and passageways that lead through this ancient market and haggle for all things bright and sparkly. Shoes and slippers, leather products and copper-work lamps are all good buys here. Take a break to sip mint tea on one of the roof terrace lounges overlooking the souks.


2 2. The Ghostly Saadian Tombs

2. The Ghostly Saadian Tombs

Near the Kasbah Mosque, this ancient walled garden houses some overgrown tombs and pavilions built in the reign of


3 3. Wander the Musée De Marrakech

3. Wander the Musée De Marrakech

This lovely museum is set inside an early 20th-century building. Many of the exhibits change regularly, so be sure to check out the schedule in advance of your trip to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. However, it’s well worth visiting for the architecture and interiors of the museum itself. Admire the former hammam and tiled central court with its over-the-top chandelier.


4 4. Admire Art at the Lawrence Arnott Gallery

4. Admire Art at the Lawrence Arnott Gallery

If you’re serious about art, and might be keen to collect a new piece for your collection, be sure to make an appointment at this highly influential gallery. There is some beautiful and very original Moroccan art work on display here.


5 5. Nature at Marrakech’s Gardens

5. Nature at Marrakech’s Gardens

The phenomenal botanical gardens Les Jardins Majorelle are a treat for the senses, painstakingly restored by Yves Saint Laurent. For a special occasion, or just to splash out, why not arrive by horse and carriage? The gardens of Menara and Agdal are also well worth a visit, famous for the coloured ceramic tiles alongside the plantings.


Finally, you can’t go to Marrakech without seeing a belly dance or two. There are plenty of cool little nightspots where you can see the real thing along with delicious cocktails and food, laidback music and stylish locals.

Comptoir is one of the best places to hang out, where you’ll also get to enjoy the nightly belly-dancers.


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