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Top 5 Summer Activities

1. Swimming

This swimming idea is not just about swimming, but any dabbing in the water and having fun. It can be splashing water from a sprinkler too. Water and summer go together. Swimming can be at a pool in the back yard, at a lake or river too.

Safety is always a part of swimming. Never go swimming by yourself and if you do not swim make sure you wear a life preserver at all times around the water. A small child should be wearing a life preserver all the time they are anywhere near water. It could save their life if they wander off and get into the water without a swimmer close by.


Summer Activities


2. Camping

Family events are fun when the camping gear is gathered. It is then most enjoyable when the family members all go away into a special campsite for a day or more together. Lots to enjoy out in the wide open spaces with each other.

Bonding happens when camping is planned and done. Camping can be done with an RV, camper on a truck, tent or renting a yurt somewhere those are available. Think about a cabin if you don’t want to be out under the stars. You might have to make reservations since camping is such a popular fun and exciting activity.

Summer Activities camping


3. Picnic

On a hot summer’s day a nice picnic lunch is just the perfect get away for the entire family. Put your favorite food together, put in a picnic basket or your cooler and take off. Go to a nice cool spot under a tree in a near by park or head for the mountains for a day away

Use a back pack for everyone and hike on a trail until you get hungry. Then stop and have your picnic before leaving the area to hike homeward. Bring enough water and just enough food so you don’t have to carry a lot with you. Bring extra clothes for warmth if going mountain climbing.



4. Fishing

Summer and fishing go together. If you like fly fishing, think about a complete vacation and spend some time in Montana for a truly unforgettable lifetime experience.

If you don’t have the time away from work to go here, get your fishing poles and head for the dock nearby or favorite fishing hole close to home. Don’t let the summer go by without some fishing trip with your favorite fishing buddy. Look online to find the best spot, the price you want to spend and where the fishing is so great, you will remember your summer time with that sport.



5. Vacation

Have you decided on a vacation for this summer yet? Have a family meeting and decide where everyone wants to go. Your plans might mean you will be planning for this year or next depending on what your meeting ends up discovering.

Budget and spend your time and money wisely so you will enjoy your vacation just the way you want to and will have great memories. Use the computer at home or at the library to get ideas and talk to others who have been to where you want to go. Research your destination and ask all family members what they want to see at your vacation spot.



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