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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Bulgaria

Words cannot really express how much you should start planning your trip right away. If you need pictures for your reasons, you should Google Devetashka Cave or The Rock-hewn Churches of Ivanovo or Sunny Beach.

Here are the reasons why you should visit Bulgaria right now.


1. It’s One of the Cheapest Countries For Tourists

Of course for the locals’ lives tend to get difficult every now and then. Just because Bulgaria is not part of the European Union it doesn’t mean it’s not a country still developing itself, especially with all the corruption it faces daily.

But if you’ve travelled around and eventually reach Eastern Europe you will see their prices, from accommodation to food, are amazing. Earlier this year, I found a 2 stars double room for around 10 euro a day in Varna. Imagine the non-touristic places.

It's One of the Cheapest Countries For Tourists


2. The Landscapes Are Breathtaking

Most of my friends always saw Bulgaria as a place for trekking and hiking and while they have many commercial and artistic centers in different cities, it is indeed a place for people who enjoy nature. From amazing caves to monasteries inside huge rocks, they have open spaces I would never think of seeing in my life.

The Landscapes Are Breathtaking


3. They Have Food I Had Never Tried Until Going There

My first night in Bulgaria I had homemade paprika with rice and meat. They stuff the paprika with flavored rice and any kind of meat they want and, voilà, greatest thing in the world.

Not to mention they have one thousand salads, soups even during summer and Tarator, which includes the Bulgarian yoghurt, the most famous worldwide.

They Have Food I Had Never Tried Until Going There


4. You Will Have to Learn a Few Sentences In a New Language

This is a tricky one, most people don’t see it as a positive thing, but I love to learn new idioms, as hard as they might be. During my stay in Bulgaria, I think that way less than 50% of the people I met spoke English. Or at least not enough to hold a conversation.

Therefore, I had to teach myself the cyrillic alphabet and the basic words or sentences. I cannot hold a conversation in Bulgarian yet because, boy, is this language hard, but it’s definitely a nice one to study.

You Will Have to Learn a Few Sentences In a New Language


5. They Know How to Party

Have you ever heard of rakiya? It’s the favorite drink of most people in Bulgaria. I can be made from plum, grape, pear, peach and so many other fruits, it’s insane.

The alcohol content can go as high as 80% and as soon as people start getting drunk (which doesn’t take very long), they play chalga or folk music and dance around in large groups. If traditional is not really your thing, you can find very easily clubs that play from hip hop to rock. Bulgaria also has amazing pop singers always touring around the country, most times playing in free festivals.

They Know How to Party


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