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Top 5 Places to Visit In San Diego With Kids

Family friendly places to visit in San Diego, CA. All of the attractions listed above aside from Balboa park are on the pricy side so check out their web sites and figure out your costs before planning to go there.

It cost my family of 5 over $400 for a day at Lego Land. Also check on line for discounts.

1 1. The Animal Park

1. The Animal Park

This is a park where you can get up close and personal with many different animals. Some parts of it are like a traditional zoo, but you can pay for tours that will take you on a safari where the animals roam free.

It is unique experience that the whole family can enjoy. The more dangerous animals are in typical zoo settings. They have the biggest lion there I have ever seen. They also have a bird area where the birds will fly right up to you and sit on your shoulders. The park is very large and the landscape is natural and beautiful.


2 2. The San Diego Zoo

2. The San Diego Zoo

We did not visit the San Diego zoo when we were in San Diego however, many people have said that it is the most beautiful zoo they have ever been to and is a must see when in San Diego. It is also one of the top rated zoos in the United States.


3 3. Sea World

3. Sea World

The Sea World in San Diego is amazing. It is the best place to visit on a super hot day because there are lots of opportunities to get wet there. You can watch amazing shows with whales and other large sea animals, splash around the splash zones, and ride on amazing rides.


4 4. Lego Land

4. Lego Land

This is a great destination for families with kids 14 and under. It is a very child friendly amusement park and young kids can ride on nearly every ride there. There is also a water park, and an aquarium you can go to for an additional fee. Aside from the rides the Lego sculptures throughout the park are nothing short of amazing.


5 5. Balboa Park

5. Balboa Park

Balboa Park is a place that has a combination of things to do there including museums and botanical gardens. There are literally 15 different museums at Balboa Park and several different gardens to view. There is also a carousel and and a mini train for kids to enjoy.


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