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Top 5 Fiji Highlights

When I think of Fiji, I think of a bungalow at the end of a pier surrounded by prestige blue water. In fact, prestige waters and and beautiful white sandy beaches are all that many visitors to Fiji ever want or need and there are plenty of opportunities for those visions to be fulfilled.

Fiji Highlights


1. 333 Islands

Fiji is actually made up of 333 islands with Viti Levu being the largest and most populated. Suva is the largest city and the seat of the Fiji government.


2. The Economy

As of 2020 the Fijian dollar was at slightly over 1.8 Fijian Dollars to 1 US Dollar…so something with a $5 price tag will only cost you about $3. Fiji is more defendant on tourism and agriculture than many nations; however, their economy is regarded as more stable than under developed nations.


3. Morality

There are a couple of indicators that morality is front and center in Fiji. Their laws on illegal drugs are said to be “strict & harsh”…so much so that travel sites advise travelers to only bring prescription drugs in their origami packaging. Travel sites also warn that sodomy and homosexual actor are illegal….although some nightclubs are more receptive than others.


4. What to Do If You Go

Aside from prestige beaches and water that is as warm as a delightful bath, there is plenty to do. You may choose water themed activities such as fishing,diving, or even a shark encounter. You cam also choose the nightlife, the arts, or a museum .


5. Miscellaneous

A few of the things that you may not know are that Tom Hanks’ “Cast Away” and Brooke Shields’ “The Blue Lagoon” we’re filmed in Fiji. Fiji also had a long history of cannibalism.


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