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Top 5 East Hampton Long Island New York Points

Welcome to just five of the interesting points about East Hampton to learn. If a trip in the near future includes East Hampton, you will be educated to this quaint town.

1. East Hampton Location

East Hampton Location

East Hampton is located in Suffolk County, Long Island, New York. Approximately 120 miles from New York City is the small township of East Hampton situated on the south fork area. Nestled in among towns of Amaganset and Sag Harbor; East Hampton is the most well known for celebrities who vacation there to escape the New York City heat in the summer.


2. Long Island Area

Long Island Area

East Hampton is considered the tip of one of the forks on Long Island. The land splits in eastern Long Island to form these two parcels of land of which East Hampton is the one furthest east. The Atlantic Ocean is on one side of this area and the Gardiner’s Bay is on the other side.


3. Distance from Montauk Point

Long Island New York

Driving from East Hampton, Montauk Point can be accessed by Highway #27. This roadway is also named Sunrise Highway on some older maps of Long Island. During the summer months, this road can swell with traffic making it a more than a thirty minute trip. Viewing the Montauk Point area with the lighthouse will be a trip worth your drive.There is public access to the Montauk Lighthouse.


4. Events In East Hampton

Events In East Hampton

Look for the arts to thrill you in East Hampton. Many sculptures, painters, writers and other talented people share their skill in presentations on the green lawns of public parks and some merchant’s property as well. Polo and horse shows are spring or summer events that can be attended. Musicals and other displays of talent might be accompanied by visiting celebrities in the audiences.


5. Sightseeing In East Hampton

Sightseeing In East Hampton

Visit the heritage of this eastern Long Island township of East Hampton by viewing many landmarks that are for public viewing. Stay during the “big vessels” as they parade through the Atlantic waters as they do each May. Take a bike ride through the many bike paths of the tree lined streets in the welcoming town of East Hampton.


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