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Top 5 Beautiful Places In New Brunswick Canada

I have been shocked to discover the amazing beauty in this province, which I knew nothing about prior to moving here.

There are, of course, many other beautiful places to see in NB, however, this is my top 5, of the places I have visited in the last couple of years. My next destination, is Kouchibouguac National Park, which looks like Canada’s version of paradise.

New Brunswick Canada


1. Hopewell Rocks

Its a natural wonder, with extreme beauty. You cannot visit the maritimes and not see the rock formations caused by tidal erosion. I’ve been there several times and still can’t get enough.


2. Plage Aboiteau, Cap Pelé

It is similar to Parlee beach, but not as well known, which actually is a positive, as it means it is far less crowded. Its a beautiful must see beach and one of my all-time favourites.


3. Fundy National Park, Alma

This park has it all! It is 206 square kilometers and has waterfalls and all sorts of trails and a few beaches. I’ve visited the park several times and still have only seen a fraction of it.


4. The Irving Eco-Centre (Dunes) In Bouctouche

The boardwalk along the sand dunes and beach makes this attraction an absolutely stunning place. It’s great in the summer, especially a nice dip to cool off in the ocean water, but the fall foliage makes this attraction absolutely gorgeous during autumn.


5. Murray Corner Provincial Park

This is an ideal location for camping. There are always other campers, its busy, its fun and the view are terrific. There is lots to do, and the beach is just minutes away.


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