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Top 5 Amazing Beaches In the World

1 1. Maldives

1. Maldives

The Maldives Islands have a host of beautiful beaches perfect for sunning, swimming, diving or fishing. Located on the Equator near Sri Lanka, the more than 1,000 island chain has a beach perfect for any taste, rocky, sandy, grassy or pebbles.


2 2. Hamptons

2. Hamptons

The Hamptons in New York has traditional beaches filled with Long Island sand. The beaches classified as The Hamptons include sandy areas around South Hampton to Montauk Island. Lots of dunes for beach goers who love isolated sunning.


3 3. Hawaii

3. Hawaii

The Hawaiian Islands have so many beautiful beaches that any one can make the list of the top beaches in the world. It depends on your interests. If you’re looking for white sandy beaches or the best waves for surfing, Hawaii is the place for a visit.


4 4. Newport’s Balboa

4. Newport’s Balboa

Balboa’s white sandy ocean beach was created from the sand dunes in Orange County. The area today has a long stretch of white smooth sand and a wide view of the blue ocean all the way to Catalina Island.


5 5. Baja California Sur, Mexico

5. Baja California Sur, Mexico

Mexico has excellent beaches — including some of the finest surfing beaches in the world. The Baja California Sur beaches have it all, from smooth sand to ocean vistas.


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