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To-Do Lists for the Second Trimester

So you’ve entered what’s referred to as the “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy and wonder what happened to the nausea, aches and pains? For many women, the sickness and fatigue lessens during this stage and is replaced with energy, just in time to begin all the planning. Enjoy your rejuvenation and get busy preparing for baby’s arrival.


Second Trimester


Decorate Nursery

Planning the nursery theme during the second trimester gives you plenty of time to add special touches, without rushing. After all, this is a room you’ll spend plenty of hours in and you want it to look perfect, from the paint to the furniture. It could take weeks for any ordered furniture to be delivered. Once you complete the nursery, begin the fun part of filling the closet with tiny, adorable clothing.


Shop for Maternity Clothing

Your waistline may just be starting to expand to the point where passersby notice a growing bump. Usually, a mom feels the first baby flutters during this trimester, followed by a wave of excitement. What better way to fuel the excitement than with shopping? Many garments in your closet are probably getting a little snug and uncomfortable. To get the best bargain, buy several key pieces that can be worn into the third trimester.


Create Registry

First, decide what stores you’d like to use for your registry. It’s OK to include items from various price points. If this is your first child, visiting the store’s baby section can be quite overwhelming. Ask a friend with children to help you create a list of basic items, to ensure you fill your registry with the essentials. You want to avoid having too many cute, frilly baby items that are of no use sitting in your closet. Once baby comes home, you will need all the space you can get.


Take a “Babymoon”

If this is your first baby, this is the last time in your relationship where it will be just the two of you. Celebrate a relaxing time with hubby and get pampered. You don’t need to travel far away from home for a “babymoon,” although the American Pregnancy Association suggests air travel is safe during this trimester. Pack your bags and decide if you’re journeying locally or to an exotic destination. Take plenty of photos to show baby that he was actually “along for the ride.”


Attend Childbirth Classes

If you’re the type who likes to prepare to the last detail or to just have an idea of what’s to come, then register for Lamaze classes. These classes are designed to introduce various childbirth options and refine a mom’s breathing and relaxation techniques for labor. This is the time to ask questions and get clarification about the childbirth process. It’s also a good idea to schedule a hospital tour to ease anxiety before the big day.


Prepare Maternity Leave at Work

You should begin tying up loose ends at work. Your employer also needs a general idea of how long you plan to be absent, if you’re returning after maternity leave. Meet with your human resources department to discuss benefits and leave time. Begin to look into child care options and get on the waiting lists of your top-choice day care centers.


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