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Tips on Successful Personal Ads for Men

In just a few words, your task in composing a personal ad is to give an honest–yet interesting–self-portrait, one that will attract a compatible member of the opposite sex who also is in search of a romantic connection.

There are straightforward however successful strategies for introducing yourself to imminent mates.

Personal Ads for Men



Write a headline for your ad that is straightforward, honest and catchy. Don’t compare yourself to someone else; instead, imagine your ideal mate and the personality that she might be looking for. Avoid puns and sexual double-entendres.

Don’t try to overimpress, don’t sound apologetic, and don’t sound needy. Keep the headline light. Have a look at other personal ads–posted by men–and find out which ones sound repetitive and which really grab your interest.



Your next task is to honestly state your age and the age range of your ideal match. It’s pointless to fabricate a false age for yourself.

Either a first encounter will be abruptly terminated by a disillusioned date who can guess that you lied, or you will eventually reveal it down the road, either voluntarily or otherwise, in which case the relationship–if there is one–will plagued with the problem of your dishonesty.


Describe Yourself

Now it’s time to paint a picture of yourself and your outlook on life. For this you need some good perspective. Ask your friends to describe your look and personality. Consider their opinions seriously and rely on them to help write your ad.

Give as much specific information about yourself as possible without being too subjective or windy. Emphasize your ambitions and goals, and your basic values. Describe activities that you enjoy. In a sentence, describe an ideal night out with your prospective paramour.


Describe Your Mate

Describe what you’re looking for in a mate. Be as realistic as possible. Describe the look and the personal attributes you find attractive. If there are some aspects of your mate’s life that will pose a problem, such as having children, or alcohol use, reveal them.

Honestly describe your goal for the relationship. Don’t use jargon, technospeak, texting abbreviations or too many cute smileys.



Always post a picture, and make sure it’s a recent one. Keep it to a simple head-and-shoulders shot in which your face is clearly visible.


For Example

SWM, 35, seeking fit and positive single lady in her 30s for friendship, romance, and long-term relationship. I’m fit and smoke-free, with a taste for late nights and lazy mornings. You’re friendly and honest, unattached, and always open to something new.

We’ll meet at a cozy coffeehouse, then stroll up Broadway to take in a show, and top off the night with elegant refreshments in a swanky club–that’s quiet enough for a nice, long conversation.


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