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Tips on Increasing Self Confidence

Self-confident people trust their skills and abilities. When you lose self-confidence, you may feel as though you lose control over your life.

Relationships, career and even finances may suffer due to a lack of self-confidence. When you make positive changes to increase your self-confidence, you begin to take back control over your life.


Increasing Self Confidence


Take Risks

The University of Illinois-Urbana Counseling Center suggests that taking risks help you gain self-confidence. Do something that you normally would not do such as talking to someone new, singing karaoke or skydiving.

Pushing yourself past your limits will help you realize that you have the ability to accomplish what you set out to do. Ask a friend to help you take the risk if you feel you cannot do so alone.


Challenge Mental Filtering

People with low self-confidence may engage in mental filtering, according to The Mayo Clinic. This means that you dwell on negative thoughts and events. Challenge this by thinking about the positive aspects in each situation. When a negative thought pops into your head, write down five positive things that happened to you that day.



Psychology Today states that putting others before yourself and helping them with problems may help build your self-confidence. Many people who struggle with self-confidence constantly focus on themselves. Helping other people takes the focus off yourself and allows you to put your efforts toward others.

As you volunteer your time, you may begin to feel better about your life and accomplishments. This will also put negative events in your life into perspective as you see what other people struggle with on a daily basis.


Find a counselor

If your self-confidence plummets so low that you cannot imagine raising it, seeing a counselor may offer the support you need. Talking to someone about your self-confidence may help you realize that someone else cares about your problems.

A counselor can also provide accountability when you take action to raise your self-confidence.


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