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Tips for Quality Customer Service

Being a business owner means, among many things, being aware of quality customer service. Remember the reason why you got into the business originally; it was because you thought you could provide better quality and service than the competition.

If your customer service isn’t quality, it will not matter how good your product is. The competition is always ready for your former customer to call. Having quality customer service is one of the most effective, and least expensive, sales tools your business has today. Would you know what this tool looks like or how to use it?

Quality Customer Service


Be the Company

Everything you do at work represents how customers see the company you work for. Understand that you are the face of the company. Know how to be a customer before serving customers; remember what it feels like to wait in line, be in a hurry, not understand something or need help solving a problem.

Remember that each happy customer can bring you 100 more customers; and that each unsatisfied customer can turn away 500 potential customers. Know and understand your rules and why your customer should accept them from their point of view. Have both visible and accessible management.


Know Your Customers

Get to know who your regular customers are. Treat regular customers as true friends who are supporting you every time you see them. Know what your customers want and why they want it. Know how to explain your rules in as few words as possible so that the customer understands it without feeling forced to follow them.

Find out why customers stop buying from you as soon as possible, then either change it, improve it or stop doing it. Remember that employees are customers by default; if they wouldn’t buy from their own company, find out why. Visibly respond to every customer who interacts with your business; this not only decreases security concerns, but also lets the customer know that they are important to you and the business.


Use Common Sense

Realize that if something doesn’t make sense to more than one customer, it may need another look. There are always multiple ways to look at an offer, policy or situation. Think in terms of simplicity; use the easiest and most efficient way to give customers what they want. Realize that if the employees don’t understand, no one else will either.

Do something because it is the right thing to do, not because it is an obligation. Ask yourself if you would buy your product or service if you didn’t work for the company. Understand that explanations of policy don’t fix problems; people and the ability to think do.


Praise and Respect is Everything

Be aware of how you treat employees; this may be how they are treating your customers. The quality of your customer service does not exceed the quality of the people giving the service. Show respect for employees, and it will be passed on to the customer.

Thank customers for buying from you every time. Thank employees for giving good customer service every time. Recognize good employees often and regularly; try doing so in sight of customers with the use of pictures, articles or awards.


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