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Things to Do With Your Newborn

The first few months of a baby’s life can be stressful since everyone is trying to establish a routine that includes the needs of the new baby. Sleep is often scarce for the baby and his parents, and everyone wonders how exactly to interact with a newborn baby.

Very young infants learn from their parents or regular caregivers and you can play with newborn babies by focusing on various senses.


Things to Do With Your Newborn

Newborn Moods

Pay attention to your baby’s mood and level of alertness when you play with him. Watch for your baby to be happy and alert, which tells you that she is ready to play.

When your baby is in this state her eyes will be open and she will be calm and not fussy. She may be moving around or waving her arms, or she might be lying still observing the world around her.

Playing with your baby when she is happy and alert increases the odds that she will react positively to your attention. Trying to play with your baby while she is fussy or upset can overstimulate her and make her fussier.



Touch is one of the first senses that your baby uses to explore the world around him. Focus on his sense of touch during play time by giving him a mini massage. Rub his feet, legs, arms and belly with gentle firm strokes.

This is a calming activity after bath time or a diaper change. You can also introduce your baby to different textures by giving him a wide variety of objects to hold and explore.

Letting him hold pieces of fabric, blankets, small blocks and other objects will help him to get acquainted with different textures. You can also rub different types of fabric on his arms, legs, feet or cheeks during playtime.



Babies love sounds and will turn their heads towards an unusual sound from a very young age. Shake a variety of rattles above your baby’s head and watch as she tries to reach up and grab them.

Place bells or rattles near your baby’s feet and watch as she kicks them to activate the sounds. Try large bells, rattles, or plastic eggs filled with rice, beans or other noisy materials for your baby to hold and shake. Supervise carefully to make sure that rattles do not break open and spill their contents.



As your newborn’s eyesight develops he will become more interested in looking at the world around him.

Most babies love to look at themselves in the mirror. Lay your baby on his tummy and place a mirror on the floor in front of him to encourage him to lift his head and look at himself.

Lay on your back with your baby on your tummy and talk to him while he looks at you, or cuddle and talk to him during feeding time.

Your baby will be comforted by the sight of you, the sound of your voice, and the touch of your hands.


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Things to Do With Your Newborn


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