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Things to Bring Couples Together

No matter how strong the bond between a couple, anyone can begin to grow apart. Any relationship can begin to break if it is ignored for a long enough period of time.

However, there are simple activities that couples can enjoy together to keep their affections burning strong for each other and their bond one that grows stronger, instead of weaker over time.


Indoor Activities to Strengthen Your Connection

Strengthen your connection with your partner by throwing a wrench into your everyday routine. Surprise each other with an amazingly simple break from the ordinary that doesn’t require going outdoors and spending money.

If the predominant indoor activity that you enjoy with your spouse on a regular basis is watching television together, then rifle through your children’s board games and pull out one that you can play together. Try your hands at a balancing game like Jenga or a trivia game like Trivial Pursuit. Or, cook dinner together.

To avoid spending money and create a unique challenge, limit yourselves to planning a menu only off of what you have in the kitchen and pantry. Work together on the appetizer, main course and dessert, then light some candles and enjoy a quiet meal together. Over dinner, share what qualities you especially appreciate about each other and try to give at least three reasons why you are thankful that the other person is in your life.

Indoor Activities to Strengthen Your Connection


Fun Outdoor Activities

If you find that you and your spouse or partner spend most of your time indoors or apart at work, try an outdoor activity that doesn’t require money. Go for a walk together at a local walking trail. Or, if you ride bikes, drive to a nearby trail and bring along a sack lunch.

Bike to a quiet spot, sit down and enjoy a serene lunch together in a new location. During lunch share memories with each other about fun times or remind each other of what initially attracted you to one another. Take a kite outside if you have one and fly it together. Even going to a nearby park for a game of Frisbee or catch can help you break out of your ordinary activities and reconnect in a fun and relaxed environment.

Fun Outdoor Activities


Other Enjoyable Activities

Plan a simple picnic. Bring along an inexpensive bottle of wine, a few packages of crackers, some grapes and a block of cheese. Drive to a scenic spot where you and your partner can enjoy some quiet time alone together. Sit and enjoy each others’ company and try to think of all the reasons why you’re thankful for that person. After lunch, write out a short list of five qualities that you appreciate in the other person. Then, give each other your papers and read them to one another.

Use this activity as a starting point for sharing your dreams and passions with each other. Ask each other what you would do if you could quit your job today and do anything. Or, if you were given a million dollars, discuss what you would do with it. Things like this cost little but do much in bringing couples together and helping them reconnect with what attracted them to each other in the first place.

Other Enjoyable Activities


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