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Things a New Mom Should Know Before Leaving the Hospital

Taking care of your infant once you leave the hospital is especially challenging, especially if it is your first baby. It is normal to experience nervousness, fear, fatigue and soreness due to the birth experience.

Knowledge of breastfeeding, health care and the safety of your baby will ensure quality care for your child and yourself.


Before Leaving the Hospital



Breast milk is probably the only source of food for an infant, unless a doctor advises otherwise. It is necessary to breastfeed the baby as soon as he shows signs he’s ready to feed.

Some of the signs include increased body movements — especially hand to mouth — sucking movements of the mouth and tongue, opening the mouth widely and turning the head, making small sounds and crying.


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Health Care

As you prepare to leave the hospital, medical staff will conduct checks on your baby to ensure she does not have any signs of ill health. Nevertheless, when you get home, the baby is at increased risk of getting sick because of her relatively low immunity.

Keeping your baby away from people with cold or flu symptoms will minimize the baby’s risk of getting sick. If the baby shows signs of ill health, such as fever or poor feeding, call your health care provider promptly.


Newborn Safety

New moms worry about their newly born baby’s safety, which is quite natural. Infants face risks stemming from their movements and balance not being as developed as that of older children or adults. One of the risks is sudden infant death syndrome, which causes death in babies less than 1 year of age.

To minimize the risk of SIDS and other serious complications, place your baby on his back while sleeping or napping. Ensure that his head remains uncovered as he sleeps. The bed or crib should have a firm mattress, without soft, loose bedding and other objects such as stuffed toys and pillows.



Once you are out of the hospital, it’s normal to direct most of your efforts to your infant’s care. Nevertheless, you also need to be healthy and energetic to provide proper care to your baby. Getting enough rest plays a significant role in your physical and emotional recovery.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with household chores, and nap when the baby is napping. Develop a healthful eating plan, which your doctor or nutritionist can help you with, to ensure quick recovery and adequate supply of breast milk for the baby.


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Things a New Mom Should Know Before Leaving the Hospital


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