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The Types of Blinking

Be amazed the next time you blink as Mother Nature has supplied us with eyes that are capable of clearing, moisturizing and filtering in one quick motion. Blinking supplies our eyes with two forms of moisturizers.

The moisturizers help block foreign objects from entering our eyes and keep them lubricated for clear vision. Blinking can also indicate emotional responses such as attraction, surprise and arrogance, which can help you read other people.


The Types of Blinking


Normal Blinking

The human eye blinks approximately one time every five seconds. On average, the human eye blinks once every five seconds, or approximately 20,000 times per day. Each blink of the eye provides lubrication and protection to the pupil and iris, promoting clear vision and protecting against foreign bodies entering the socket.

Eyelashes also protect our eyes from dangerous objects — as when we blink, each lash lowers, cleansing the eye and wiping away dirt, dust and other irritants.


Rapid Blinking

Rapid blinking or fluttering, can indicate a flirtatious behavior. Rapid blinking can indicate different emotions. People tend to blink more rapidly when they are under stress or are thinking or recalling information. When talking to others, rapid blinking can be indicative of arrogance or romantic attraction.

Romantic rapid blinking, also referred to as fluttering, can serve as a romantic invitation, allowing the blinker to act coy and flirtatious. A person that is acting arrogant will increase their blinking, subconsciously blocking their vision and demonstrating that they are important and don’t want to see others.


Reduced Blinking

Blinking will be reduced when paying attention to someone talking. Reduced blinking is indicative of rapport building with others. Conversationalists will often time reduce their blinking to less than normal patterns in order to demonstrate a connection with others.

During a conversation, the person listening will oftentimes blink only when the person pauses in their speech. This builds rapport by showing the person talking that they have the listener’s total attention. Reduced blinking can also be seen as a stare, which can act as a romantic gesture or a dominant behavior. Lovers will reduce their blinking when staring into each other’s eyes, whereas aggressive people will reduce blinking to assert dominance in a situation.


Single Blinking

A person will blink once when caught off-guard. A single blink occurs when people are surprised or caught off-guard. When an unexpected event occurs, people will oftentimes cease blinking in regular patterns and produce a single blink.

Blinking once indicates surprise or disbelief; therefore it is thought that the single blink subconsciously clears the eyes to make sure what is being seen is real.


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