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The Top Five Senior Citizen Cruise Necessities

I just got off a cruise with my 95 year old Mom and learned a lot about senior citizen cruise necessities. The below is my take on what is really needed when booking a cruise with a senior citizen.


Citizen Cruise Necessities


1. Consider the Cabin Size

Taking a cruise with the elderly means that you might be toting more creature comforts (such as oxygen) along and you might need a bigger cruise cabin. I’d always suggest getting a balcony as you might spend more time in the room than you think.


2. Prepare For Motion Sickness

Even if the weather forecast is sunny, be prepared for some rough seas. We went through 26 foot swells and, although Mom was great (thankfully), I was not. I loaded up on dramamine, acupressure wrist bracelets and ginger tablets prior to the cruise.


3. Wheelchair or Scooter?

Even if your senior citizen is healthy and walks, you might consider renting a wheelchair as cruise ships are BIG! This means that, depending on where your cabin is located, the walk to the dining room might be down a very l-o-n-g hallway.


4. Oxygen?

Cruise ships do not provide oxygen for their cruisers so you’ll need to reserve your own oxygen or bring it on board yourself. Make sure you have the correct plug type in the room too for the electric!


5. A Light Throw

Cruise ships are notoriously chilly so make sure you have a light throw or sweater for your elderly loved one. Bring more than one just in case one gets dirty in the shuffle.


Final Thoughts
Cruising with the elderly can be a lot of work but can also be a lot of fun. Take other family and friends along to split the work up if you can.


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