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The Top Five Preparations Going to Egypt

This is a first hand travel guide of preparations to plan before going to Egypt. The author went to Egypt 8 years ago and these are suggestions of facts to help the traveler as they plan their vacation in Egypt.


Going to Egypt


1. Time of Year

Egypt is hot in the early spring and summer months getting upwards of 118 degrees during the day and cooling off a bit during the evening hours, but not much. Select the time of year to travel to Egypt from November to the beginning of April to enjoy your vacation without intense heat.

Remember the winter months are not cold either so doing some weather research before planning your Egypt vacation is advised so you get the temperatures you expect and are packed for them as well.

If you plan on a Nile Cruise look to make sure the Nile is able to be cruised when you arrive since there are times when a cruise down the Nile is impossible for visitors. You don’t want to be disappointed when you go there for a cruise and find out that is not possible.


2. How to Dress In Egypt

In Egypt the women are not dressed like in the United States. It is recommended by the author to not have see through blouses or tops and nothing showing the midriff of the body either.

In respect for the country you are visiting it is good to research and dress appropriately with adequate coverage on most of the skin as well. More sedate clothing is the dress of fare in Egypt. Not many wild patterns or fancy clothing is usual in that country so dress according to what is normal for that country rather than stand out and not fit in well.


3. Valuables on You and Left at a Hotel

Valuable jewelry should not be worn for everyday use while you are in Egypt. This showy action encourages thieves to consider robbing you of those items. When you leave them at your hotel, secure them in a safe at the desk, get a receipt and don’t forget them when you leave your vacation spot.

Shawls, hats,cameras, back packs and other personal items when left without constant attention to them might disappear never to be see again. If you go for a camel ride, make sure your jewelry is no on your person.

Some camel handlers have been known to drop off the patron and make them walk back to the origination place because of some valuable personal items the camel owner wanted and got. Not all camel handlers are like that, but leave the valuables somewhere else when this event is considered so you are not exposed to this activity at all.


4. Language Spoken For Vacation Needs

When you want directions to or from a museum or other sightseeing place connect with a person who speaks your language. If possible have an interpreter with you for most of your vacation in Egypt since not everyone speaks one language in Egypt and perhaps not yours.

Many of the sights do not need someone telling you what you are viewing if you do some research at home before you leave to go to Egypt.A smile is universal, however you will not see many Egyptians smiling. That is what I noticed anyway. Perhaps it is a way they consider flirting, so pay attention to body language when on vacation in Egypt.


5. Travel In Egypt

It is very much encouraged not to rent a car to drive yourself in Egypt. The local taxi cab drivers are extremely experienced in driving on the streets in Egypt, especially the busy cities.

Be prepared to have the taxi driver actually bump into other cars as they are traveling on the roads.That is usual. It is not unusual for a taxi cab driver to drive on the wrong side of the road either.

Hire a car to drive you to your destinations. Many thugs will rob your car while you are sightseeing unless you pay someone to watch your vehicle.Plan your travel flights to Cairo and all the other airplane trips in advance. Cargo will sometimes go before stand by patrons on flights so you might get bumped on the flight if there is a huge amount of items to be shipped when you have a standby ticket.


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