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The Top 5 Best Places In Milwaukee

I was born and raised in Milwaukee all my life. There are some great and interesting places that I enjoy doing here in Milwaukee and these are just some of things that I like to go and to enjoy in my spare time.


Best Places In Milwaukee


1. Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park is an awesome park to go to. A few things about it that I enjoy is that it has Mitchell Park Domes where it shows some of the greatest plants from different types of climates. It is also show different concerts from November through March. I also enjoy the history of the park where Jacques Vieau built his fur trading post on the site which over looks the Menomonee Valley.


2. Potawatomi Bingo and Casino

I do enjoy an occasional trip to the casino. I mainly enjoy playing slot machines but will from time to time I enjoy playing bingo. The casino originally was a bingo hall, but after a few expansions later it had grew to a huge place. It also contains some of the best restaurants and also has a theater. The casino is currently is expanding once again by building a hotel.


3. Miller Park

One of the places that I like to go to see a good baseball game. The stadium is home to the Milwaukee Brewers and it was completed in time for the 2001 season. A few good bonus features that it has that it contains a TGI Friday’s Front Row and a Milwaukee Brewers gift shop. The stadium has some of the best seating around. There is never a really bad seat in the place. A person always has a great view of the field.


4. Usinger’s Famous Sausage

Usinger’s is a great place to get your sausages and other types of meats and lunch meats. The company has been around since 1880 and it is a family run business. I love going there with my mother and uncle to get some of the freshest stuff there. Usinger’s usually has and sells imperfect and over runs in the store. The factory is attached to the store.


5. Menomonee Valley

What else can I say about this great place. It contains some of the best things that any place can offer. It is home to many types of businesses that gives people jobs.

The area used to be swamp land that grew wild rice and the Native Americans went to fish in the river. Then it was industrial place where a lot of factories set up shop and it was near a railroad line where they can ship their finished products. Finally it is revitalized and it still contains some industrial businesses, but also offers entertainment (i.e. casino, stadium), parks and so forth. It is awesome to see it transform to it’s current stage.


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