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The Top 10 Things Travel Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Travel insurance is a good thing to have before you set out on your next business trip or vacation. It can help you out in medical emergencies and also assist you in getting your money back if you have to cancel your trip and are charged cancellation fees, according to travel expert Lynne R. Christen writing on the “Lifted” magazine website.

But travel insurance has its limitations.


Travel Insurance Doesn't Cover


Travel Packages

Travel insurance will help you recover costs associated with many of the situations that would cause you to have to cancel your trip. But if your travel company cancels the trip on you, or the travel organization goes out of business, then this is not covered by most forms of travel insurance, according to the financial experts at the MSNBC website.

This does not include airlines, railroads, bus companies and cruise lines.



Most travel insurance policies carry a $500 limit on property damage, and that includes your laptop or GPS system, according to travel expert Kathryn V. on the Financial Highway website.

A personal property damage insurance policy would be a better way to protect your more expensive items from damages.



If war or civil unrest breaks out in the country you are visiting that is not considered an act of terrorism, then your travel insurance policy may not cover you for any injuries or damages sustained as a result.


Pre-Existing Conditions

According to travel expert Lynne R. Christen writing on the “Lifted” magazine website, treatment for a pre-existing medical condition is not covered by most travel insurance policies.

You may be able to purchase a waiver to cover your condition, but you would need to purchase it at least seven days prior to your travel date.


Credit Cards

If you lose your credit cards, for whatever reason, then your travel insurance will normally not help you or cover your loss.

Keep your credit cards with you at all times, and have the customer service phone numbers for your credit cards in a separate piece of luggage so you can report a missing card.



Travel insurance will assist you in recovering the cost of a ticket if you are forced to cancel your trip or if the airline cancels the flight.

But if you lose your ticket, travel insurance will not cover that loss.



Injuries or problems associated with your pets, including a pet that passes away while on vacation, do not trigger any reimbursements from your travel insurance policy.

Some insurance companies offer a limited waiver for pets, but you will have to inquire when you are buying your insurance.



If you are traveling to a foreign country to go mountain climbing or bungee jumping, your travel insurance may not cover related medical costs. While travel insurance does offer medical coverage prior to and during your trip, it does not cover what is considered risky activities.

Find out these limitations from your insurance agent before trying your hand at extreme sports in the mountains of France.



If you plan on traveling while pregnant, look into something other than standard travel insurance.

The majority of travel insurance policies will not cover medical costs for problems arising from pregnancy while traveling, or the complications that may be caused during childbirth.


Random Cancellation

To collect on a travel insurance policy for a trip cancellation, you require a reason that the company considers viable, such as a terrorist attack prior to your trip or a personal medical emergency.

Travel insurance may not cover your canceled trip costs if you decide to cancel your trip for a random or unexplained reason.


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