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The Most Romantic Ways to Give Your Wife a New Wedding Ring

Marriage proposal can be one of the most romantic moments in a woman’s life. From the element of surprise to the excitement of sharing a beautiful life together, how a man proposes to woman is never forgotten.

Recreating the moment through giving the love of your life a new wedding ring can be just as romantic as the beginning, and can be a gesture of enduring commitment.


Things You’ll Need

  • There are many components that go into a successful marriage proposal and these factors are based on personal preference. These things may include the new ring, flowers, chocolate candy, wine and the location for the event.
  • Some people choose to revisit their history together by choosing a place that holds fond memories. Others choose to take their significant other to a romantic place and propose there. Whichever location is chosen, it is sure to be a moment that she will never forget, and the new wedding ring will be the best prop of all.


The Steps of a Successful New Proposal

Give Your Wife a New Wedding Ring

If you are choosing to upgrade the former ring — or add on to it — it is important to choose something that the she will wear with admiration. Whether it is a circular princess-cut diamond, an emerald-cut rectangular diamond, or a precious pearl, everyone has their own preference. Choose something personal yet practical, and it will surely be a hit.

Wedding bands symbolize unity in some cultures.

Finding a great proposal location will make a memorable impression on the love of your life a second time. Whether it’s on the beach or near a fire, many people choose romantic locations as proposal destinations. Sometimes, quirky second proposals can be fun, too.

Some of the most romantic proposals involve an element of surprise. For example, one man sent his girlfriend on a treasure hunt. Starting off with a clue, he then sent her on a journey of their favorite spots in town. Finally, when she followed the last hint to the final destination, the prize was her husband-to-be on one knee.

Another example of a special proposal is to gather friends and family for a party, and children can be involved, as well.

Have guests put on a T-shirt bearing individual letters to the phrase: “Will You Marry Me, Again ?

The message that is sent through giving a new wedding ring is one of continued commitment and love. While many marriage proposals occur only once, giving your wife a new wedding ring is a kind and sincere way to show her that the love you felt for her in the beginning is now stronger.


Tips & Warnings
Be sure to give the correct ring size. Also, it is important to buy insurance for a wedding ring to protect your investment.


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