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The Best Way to Surprise Parents About Pregnancy

Your parents have been asking the question since the day you got engaged: When are you going to make us grandparents? Whether it’s been a month, a year or 10 years since they first started nagging, you’re ready to break the good news—you and your spouse are expecting a child.

While there’s always the group e-mail approach, or a status update on Facebook, there are more creative ways to make your announcement.


Surprise Parents About Pregnancy


Give a Gift

Have a gift-giving occasion coming up? Wrap up a present to help make your announcement. A picture frame that says “Grandparent” makes a memorable gift. It’s even more special if you include an ultrasound photo. You could also wrap up a T-shirt that says “World’s Best Grandma” or a hat that says “What Happens at Grandpa’s Stays at Grandpa’s.”

They’ll get the idea quickly, especially if you wrap the gift in pink and blue ribbon. Not one for subtlety? A more obvious approach would be to wrap up your positive pregnancy test and give that.


Dress the Part

A maternity shirt that says “Baby on Board” is less than subtle. Have another child at home? Dress that child in a shirt that says “Big Brother” or “Big Sister.” See how long it takes your parents to notice.


Get Creative

Some parents-to-be suggest making memory books for grandparents to fill with anecdotes or pictures of their grandchildren. Do your talents lie in the kitchen? Make a dinner of baby peas, baby carrots, baby corn, etc., and see how long it takes for someone to notice. Having a formal dinner? Use pacifiers as napkin rings.


Work It Into Conversation

Talking about vacation plans? Ask your parents if they’d like to come visit, oh, nine months from now. Thinking about buying a new camera? Tell them you need one to take pictures of the new baby. Or, hold your niece or nephew or best friend’s baby and remark that you should get one of these of your own. See who notices first.


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