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The Best Way to Get Pregnant

Getting pregnant can come very easily for some, even when they are not trying to do so, and for others, it seems like an impossible task. There are several ways to increase the likelihood of conception. Sexual intercourse is undoubtedly the best way to get pregnant, but there are some considerations to help make sure you are successful.


Have Sex Frequently

There are ways to determine when you are most fertile based on your menstrual cycle, but sometimes busy schedules and the endless unexpected twists and turns in daily life can make it difficult to plan sex at the right time.

The easy solution is to make it a habit to have sex every other day. In most cases, sperm will survive in the female for 24 to 48 hours, and this will make fertilization likely when the egg is ready. Sometimes, errors in math or the busy schedule of the man or woman could mean missing the narrow window when getting pregnant is most likely. Having sex every 48 hours will eliminate this.


Ovulation Prediction

There are kits available for purchase that will help couples determine when ovulation occurs and therefore make planning sex for purposes of conception easier. It is important to remember that sex in the two or three days leading up to ovulation is more effective than sex after ovulation.


Way to Get Pregnant


See a Doctor First

One easy step in planning to become pregnant may be very easy to overlook. See a doctor together and make sure you and your spouse are in good health and that there are no unknown factors that may affect your chances of getting pregnant.

Untreated infections, sexually-transmitted diseases and poor general health may make it more difficult or undesirable to get pregnant at that time. Many conditions could be present without you or your partner’s knowledge.


Think About Positions

Before the male reaches orgasm, be sure to get into a position that will encourage the sperm to stay inside the vagina longer.

Gravity may be the culprit of failed conception attempts in cases where ejaculation happens while the woman is on top or the woman is in other positions where semen may leak out of her body. In addition, try placing a pillow under her hips so the sperm does not run out when the woman is on the bottom. At the conclusion of sex, do not get up immediately. Instead, lie beside one another and relax for a while to allow the sperm to stay inside as long as possible.


Enjoy It

While this may see like an easy one, those who have been trying and failing at getting pregnant can easily let the frustrations make sex seem like a chore. Research has shown that enjoyable sex can be more likely to produce a pregnancy.

Plan a romantic evening together and take advantage of foreplay. It is helpful for the woman to reach orgasm when trying to become pregnant because the muscle spasm that accompanies orgasm can help pull the sperm into the uterus. For men, a more exciting sexual encounter can make for a more powerful orgasm that could produce a higher sperm count.


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