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The Best Travel Insurance Coverage

Medical treatment in a foreign country can be quite expensive. Even a minor injury, dental problem or medical event can generate very large expenses.

Healthcare insurance for visitors to the United States is required, especially for visitors from Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Australia, South America, Europe and Mexico. Americans traveling abroad are also exposed to the same risks and financial consequences.

The Best Travel Insurance Coverage


Medical Treatment & Evacuation

Travel insurance should primarily provide coverage for an unexpected medical problem that requires treatment, hospitalization, medical evacuation or repatriation. Medical treatment is often unavailable or prohibitively expensive in a foreign country. Your primary medical insurance may not provide adequate protection.

Persons that rely on Medicare or Medicaid coverage should be aware that neither plan covers expenses incurred outside the United States. Literally hundreds of policies are available from online insurance brokers. Search the internet to compare coverage and cost.

Travel Guard is an Internet provider of a diverse range of travel insurance plans. Use its online tools to determine what coverage policy is best suited to your travel plans and budget.


Trip Cancellation

Travel insurance can offer protection from unexpected travel plan disruptions. Canceled airline flights, delays and missed connections are but a few of the calamities that can cause a traveler to incur unexpected expenses.

You may have to rebook and pay for a more expensive flight or delays may require you to have to pay for unplanned hotel stays, meals or ground transportation.


Comprehensive Travel Insurance For All Contingencies

Quote Wright is an online travel insurance provider that offers interactive tools to compare insurance coverage from several companies that are reputable leaders in the travel insurance business.

Quote Wright offers over a 100 different plans and supplements designed to provide travelers with assurance that their trip will not be financially damaged by health problems, lost luggage, inclement weather or cancellations and delays.


International Travel Insurance For High Risk Travelers

eGlobal Health Insurers Agency is an Internet based insurance company that offers U.S. citizens and non-citizens an array of travel insurance policies.

Coverage is a available for medical emergencies, high-risk travel locations, accidental death and dismemberment and long term disability. eGlobal also offers coverage for acts of terrorism, kidnapping, high risk countries and acts of war.

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