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The Best Money-Making Gifting Programs

Cash gifting is a business venture where people send a monetary gift in exchange for an informational product. Those who join, in turn, market their opportunity to others and start receiving gifts themselves. There are many cash-gifting programs on the market for people who want to start their own business. Some involve smaller amounts of money like $50 or $100, while others include thousands of dollars as well as different sign-up levels.

Money-Making Gifting Programs


Types of Pay Plans

People tend to have the most success with cash-gifting programs that use the one-up system. These programs go under many catch names such as The People’s Program or even True Wealth Today. A one-up system simply means that you will need to give up your first gift or sale when you join. This pay system allows your sponsor to benefit from your efforts as well as those of all the other people he recruits into the program.

Subsequently, when you are “qualified” and become a sponsor, you will enjoy the same monetary benefits. For example, if you are eligible for a $500 gift and recruit 10 people, you will receive $5,000 from those you recruit as well as a potential $5,000 from the first sale of each recruit.


Multi-Tiered Programs

You stand your best chance of making money with a multi-tiered cash-gifting program. This allows you to join at a specific level. For example, you may have the option of joining at $500, $1,000, $2,000 or $3,500. If you join at the $3,500 level, you can potentially receive gifts up to that level. Those who join at $500 can only receive gifts at $500.

Multi-tier cash-gifting programs are usually more successful because they appeal to a wider range of people. However, you will make more money if you join at the highest level. That is due to the residual-earnings aspect of the highest level. For example, if you are qualified at $3,500 and one of your recruits is only qualified at $500, you will receive residual earnings from each of your recruit’s sales that are over $500. That person can only receive $500 per sale. The rest would go to you.


Your Sponsor

It pays to have a sponsor who will help you succeed. This is a person who has made a lot of money in gifting and can help you succeed as well. She can help you decide the best way to market the program according to your budget, and be available to help you close sales through three-way calls.


The Company

You can only be as successful as the organization you join. You will have your greatest money-making success with a cash-gifting system that operates honestly, legally and has a workable marketing system. A workable system means that the company will provide you with a website and marketing materials such as postcards, and have training calls to help you learn how to handle phone calls with potential recruits. The organization should also have daily conference calls so your prospects can learn more about the program. The excitement and participation on these calls will enhance the credibility of your cash-gifting program. This will highly increase your chances for success.


You should be cautious about joining any cash-gifting program. The premise is that you can receive cash gifts up to $12,000 without paying taxes. Be sure to check with your attorney or state laws before getting involved with this endeavor.


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