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The Best Jobs for Those With Migraines

About one in nine people suffer from migraines in the United States, according to the website Wrongdiagnosis.com. Migraines are severe headaches that can cause vomiting, nausea, eye pain and weakness.

For people with migraines, certain jobs can cause and even exacerbate migraine symptoms. Having a low-stress, quiet job, such as being a librarian, dog sitter or blogger, is beneficial to those who suffer from migraines.

Those With Migraines



Librarians generally work in quiet, low-stress settings that are perfect for those who suffer from migraines. Librarians help customers find and check out books and other media, as well as organize and put away materials. Librarians might also conduct reading classes. Depending on the location of the library, job duties vary.

Librarians who work at a small library will experience less stress and have a more ideal work environment for someone who suffers from migraines, while a librarian who works in a large museum library will typically encounter more people and have more job duties, which could agitate migraines. Librarians also work normal business hours and rarely work overtime or on-call.


Dog Sitter or Walker

The job of a dog sitter or dog walker is perfect for someone who experiences migraines. Depending on the number of dogs that need to be cared for, job duties can be minimal and as simple as letting the dog out for a run, giving the dog food and water, and taking the dog out to urinate or defecate. As long as the dog doesn’t constantly bark, this job is ideal for someone with migraines.



Bloggers maintain online web content on online journals called blogs. They frequently update and manage their blogs or client’s blogs and reply to comments and questions. Bloggers can usually write about anything they want, and the pay is typically determined by hours worked and marketing skills.

Being a blogger is a job for someone who has frequent and painful migraines because bloggers work out of their home and don’t experience the stress of commuting and working with others in an office.


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