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Tennessee Probate Court Procedures

Tennessee probate court procedures set forth the manner in which estates, trusts, guardianships and conservatorships are undertaken in the state.

In order to effectively pursue these types of cases, these procedures must be followed specifically.


Probate Court Procedures


Verified Petition

Probate proceedings are initiated in the state of Tennessee by filing a verified petition—a petition that is signed under oath in front of a notary public.


Notice to Interested Parties

The next step in the Tennessee probate process is providing notice to all interested parties of the case and the date and time of the initial hearing—for example, the heirs named in a will.


Notice by Publication

Tennessee law also requires publication in a newspaper of local circulation the details of the proceeding and the date and time of the initial hearing.


Initial Hearing

At the initial hearing, the probate proceedings officially commence with the appointment of an executor, administrator, guardian or conservator.


Oath and Bond

Tennessee probate court procedures require the person appointed by the court to file an oath and post a bond to ensure that she undertakes the business of the estate in a trustworthy manner.


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